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Roland Shaw


Audio Recordings
Cesare Siepi Sings Cole Porter and Italian Songs 1958 Cesare Siepi Conductor
Music from Doctor Dolittle 1968 Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra Orchestrations
Song of Norway 1970 Film Soundtrack Conductor
The Great Waltz 1972 Film Soundtrack Conductor
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? 1985-08-30 Original Cast members Orchestrations
Carousel 1987 Studio Cast Orchestrations
An Evening At Carnegie Hall 1996 Betty Buckley Orchestrations
The Great Musicals: Romance & Love 2002 Various Artists Conductor
The Great Musicals: Classic Stories 2004 Various Artists Conductor
The Great Musicals: Musical Postcards 2004 Various Artists Conductor




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