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Franz Lehar


The Land of Smiles Music
The Merry Widow (16) Music
The Rogue Song Music
Audio Recordings
Australian Singers of Renown in Opera, Operetta & Song N/A Compilation Album Music
Broadway Through the Gramophone: Vol 1, 1844-1909 N/A Various artists Music
Broadway Through the Gramophone: Vol 2, 1909-1914 N/A Various artists Music
Our Glad N/A Gladys Moncrieff Music
Music from the New York Stage 1890-1920, Volume 2: 1908-1913 1913 Compilation Album Music
Showtime with David Gray 1974 David Gray Music
It's a Grand Night for Singing 1975 Suzanne Steele Music
June Bronhill at the Sydney Opera House 1975-12 June Bronhill Music
Together 1979-09 June Bronhill & David Gray Music
An Evening Of Overtures & Dances 1991 Various Artists Music
Operettas & Wiener Lieder 1993 Maki Ichiro & Risa Junna Music
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