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Footlight Serenade
Footlight Serenade

Footlight Serenade

Footlight Serenade 1942


Pais: Estados Unidos
Ciudad: Película
Año: 1942
Teatro: Banda de sonido de la película




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1. Cowboy Number
2. Snake Dance
3. Let's K Nock K Nees
4. Music In My Heart
5. Boys Will Be Boys
6. What Goes On Here In My Heart
7. Down Argentine Way
8. Two Dreams Met
9. Hawaii A
10. Sheikh Of Araby
11. You Started Something
12. Loveliness And Love
13. Kindergarten Conga
14. Hi Ya Love
15. Another Little Dream Wouldn't Do Us Any Harm
16. Are You Kidding
17. I'm Still Crazy For You
18. I Heard The Birdies Sing
19. Sing Me A Song Of The Islands
20. Down On Ami Ami Oni Oni Isle
21. O'Brien Has Gone Hawaiian
22. Run Little Raindrop Run
23. Pan American Jubilee
24. Cuddle Up A Little Closer
25. Pretty Baby
26. Miss Lulu From Louisville
27. Take It From There
28. Beautiful Coney Island
29. There's Danger In A Dance
30. Waiting At The Church
31. My Heart Tells Me
32. Sweet Rosie O'Grady
33. Going To The County Fair
34. You're My Little Pin Up Girl
35. Don't Carry Tales Out Of School
36. Once Too Often
37. Song Of The Very Merry Widow
38. Welcome To The Diamond Horseshoe
39. In Acapulco
40. Medley
41. Cooking Up A Show/The More I See You
42. Vamp
43. We Have Been Around/Carolina In The Morning
44. Powder Lipstick And Rouge
45. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
46. Darktown Strutters' Ball
47. I Can't Begin To Tell You





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