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Lerner, Loewe, Lane & Friends
Lerner, Loewe, Lane & Friends

Lerner, Loewe, Lane & Friends

Lerner, Loewe, Lane & Friends 1998


Pais: Estados Unidos
Ciudad: Los Angeles
Año: 1998
Teatro: MULTI ESPACIO LOS ÁNGELES (Buenos Aires-Argentina)




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Temas Musicales

1. Overture - The Orchestra
2. Applause!, Applause! - Patty Tiffany
3. Almost Like Being In Love - Kay Cole
4. The Heather On The Hill - Jeffrey Rockwell
5. When The Idle Poor Become The Idle Rich - Charlotte Rae
6. Everything I Have Is Yours - David Burnham
7. With A Little Bit Of Luck - Ian Abercrombie
8. Wouldn't It Be Lovely - Amy Pietz
9. The Ascot Gavotte - Jane Carr, Roger Rees
10. From This Day On - Michele Nicastro
11. The Little Prince - Linda Michele
12. In Our United State - Rex Reed
13. Dance A Little Closer - Guy Haines, Mary Cadorette, Mary Jo Mecca
14. Moments Like This - Steven Davis
15. When You Grow Up You'll Know - Brock Peters
16. How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life? - Marti Muller
17. How Far Is It To The Next Town? - Jamie Anderson
18. Economics - Betty Garrett
19. C'est Moi - Patrick Cassidy
20. There But For You Go I - Calvin Remsberg
21. Take Care Of This House - Joanna Gleason





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