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The Merry Widow
The Merry Widow

The Merry Widow

The Merry Widow 1958


Pais: Inglaterra
Ciudad: Londres
Año: 1958
Teatro: Londres




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Datos de esta Versión

Sadler's Wells Opera Company


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Temas Musicales

1. The Merry Widow: To speak for the man and the beauties...Pontevedro in Paree
2. The Merry Widow: Look, now's our chance...A highly respectable wife
3. The Merry Widow: Gentlemen, no more
4. The Merry Widow: My very heavy Fatherland...I'm off to Chez Maxim
5. The Merry Widow: Proceed. One girl has almond eyes
6. The Merry Widow: Ladies' choice!...Young lovers all awake
7. The Merry Widow: Mi velimo dase
8. The Merry Widow: Let's all now waken memories...There once live a vilia
9. The Merry Widow: Gee up, Lassie...Jogging in a one-horse gig
10. The Merry Widow: It's a problem...What to think, what to say, what to do?
11. The Merry Widow: Red as the rose of Maytime
12. The Merry Widow: This match should last at least a year
13. The Merry Widow: The Cake Walk
14. The Merry Widow: The Grisettes of Paris greet you
15. The Merry Widow: Love unspoken
16. The Merry Widow: What to think, what to say, what to do? (reprise)
17. Das Land des Lächelns (The Land of Smiles), operetta in 3 acts (revision of "Die gelbe Jacke") Overture
18. The Land of Smiles: This was a wonderful day
19. The Land of Smiles: There isn't much more to say...Never take it to the . The Land of Smiles: I open the door with a quivering heart...Smiling
20. The Land of Smiles: I hope you like a special blend of China tea...Thé à deux
21. The Land of Smiles: Sweet apple blossom, love, I bring (Serenade)
22. The Land of Smiles: I gaze at you...Love, I surrender to your mystery
23. The Land of Smiles: The Prophet of the Blue Pagoda
24. The Land of Smiles: When Adam laboured with his pre-historic hoe
25. The Land of Smiles: Love, let me dream again
26. The Land of Smiles: Alone, on my own...If yearning could carry me home again
27. The Land of Smiles: I long to know what made you call me husband
28. The Land of Smiles: Tig, tig, tig!...On the Pai-Ho
29. The Count of Luxemburg: Overture
30. The Count of Luxemburg: Anyone who knows me...In Bohemia
31. The Count of Luxemburg: Pierrot and Pierrette
32. The Count of Luxemburg: Carnival!...The noble founder of our line
33. The Count of Luxemburg: Someone's here to marry me...Love, goodbye!
34. The Count of Luxemburg: You will be a Royal Highness...Cousins of the Czar
35. The Count of Luxemburg: Fair Countess, may I wish
36. The Count of Luxemburg: Hail, Angèle...Daydreams, you must go
37. The Count of Luxemburg: What are you doing?...But attend!
38. The Count of Luxemburg: Are you going to dance?





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